Supply Chain Finance Solution

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Pain Point

Core-Corporate Credit Cannot be Transmitted
The multi-level supplier system in the traditional supply chain finance makes information delivery difficult. Suppliers that...
Bigger Risk Gap of Financial Institutions
Suppliers use accrued checks to set the settlement amount and cycle, while dealers use contracts to set the sales amount. Si...
Indivisible and Non-circulating Trade Bills
Traditional trade bills are indivisible; this means that suppliers cannot endorse and release the bills. Hence, core-corpora...
Supervision Hard to Penetrate
The complexity of the layers of the supply chain makes the authenticity and transparency of transactions not simply confirme...

Solution in detail


With its base on blockchain technology and cryptographic algorithms, Juzix provides supply chain finance with solutions for an asset digitalization confirmation, processing, and circulation platform. The primary functional modules include:

 1 Asset Registration

Corporate claims can be registered and stored through blockchain and become unmodifiable data records, allowing each participating institution to share information in real time.

2 Asset Ownership Confirmation

After participating parties confirm the transaction, the smart contract will automatically transform accounts receivable and core-corporate credit into digital asset and transfer them to the designated account to ensure ownership of the assets.

3 Asset Digitalization

Based on data and information confirmation, the smart contract can create digital assets for corporations to trade and circulate in the blockchain consortium.

4 Digital Asset Management

Management and inquiry services for assets with different properties are supported. Through the pre-set smart contract, assets on the chain can be automatically distributed, divided, circulated, and annulled.

5 Regulatory Audit

Provide access for regulatory audit. The supervisor is authorized to check all asset transactions on the platform.

6 Multi-Layer Privacy Protection

Broadcast encryption, Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) are applied to protect the data security and privacy of players in supply chain finance.

Applicable Scenarios

Credit financing

Account Receivables Financing

Bill Financing