Reward Point Solution

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Pain Point

Points are inconvenient to use
Since points of a single company have use restrictions and exchange limitations, it is difficult to motivate customers to us...
Points are difficult to circulate
As cross-industry, cross-organization point calculation and reconciliation are complicated; thus it is hard to form a broad...
Building a system is expensive
Different companies have to establish and maintain their own reward point system; while point conversion with partners is in...

Solution in detail


Juzix established a point exchange platform based on blockchain technology that supports companies to quickly issue points, set up exchange rates, and settle transactions by contract.

1 Point Issuance: Points issuers can manage the number of points to issue and set the reward exchange rate through the platform by themselves.

Point Distribution: Manage point exchange rate by smart contracts and calculate the points automatically while consumers are consuming.

Point Exchange: Upper layer contracts can realize cross-organization point usage, and finish point conversion and reconciliation according to the conversion rate set by companies.

Point Inquiry: Participating companies and consumers can inquire real-time point rewards and transaction records on chain.

5 Point Reconciliation Automatic reconciliation between point issuer and vendors and between point issuers is provided based on point circulation records on the chain.

Applicable Scenarios

Points mall

Users can use integrals to exchange items or services

Employee benefits

Redeem for prizes
Redeemed for gifts
Redeemed for paid holiday

Member Points

Consumption point
Telephone rate point
Credit card point