Joint User Credit Query Platform

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Pain Point

There is strong demand for Multi-Party Computation
Insurers want to work with industry bodies to share market data and eventually restore complete data portraits to guide thei...
Security barriers
The calculating data leakage by partner or operating party. Data stored in a single database might be hacked. Cooperating p...
Data Isolation
Each insurance company only has partial market data, and partial data will lead to deviation of calculation results.

Solution in detail


Insurance industry requires a joint user credit query platform as a base for cooperation, which has to not only satisfy the demand of cooperation between market players but also solve the realistic problems mentioned above. The key of the solution is the latest cryptographic technique, MPC, and the challenge to traditional monetary concepts, the blockchain.

In the joint user credit query platform:

The inquirer posts a query request to operator over the web;

the operator server posts a query request to MPC nodes,

and sends the query requirement to participating nodes owned by insurance companies, medical institutions, and other financial companies.

After calculating the data, each node then encrypts the results using a public key provided by the supervisor and posts the data on blockchain for verification.

After receiving calculated data, the MPC node begins secure multi-party calculation and returns the results to the operating MPC node.

The operating MPC node encrypts the calculation result of the supervisor's public key, posts it on blockchain for verification, and then sends back the results to the inquirer.

Brokers participating in the calculation can inquire for the basic transaction data from the operator server.

The supervisor can visit the blockchain through a DAPP exclusive for blockchain and decrypt the data by use of a private key for monitoring and auditing.

Please note that only supervisors can visit the blockchain through DAPP and check the encrypted transaction data; each broker participating in the calculation does not know others’ data and calculation results, meaning that the data on the blockchain cannot be tampered with.

Applicable Scenarios

Credit Rating

Perform weighted evaluation and produce a credit rating of the target.

Health Index

Obtain the health indicators based on data provided by multiple medical organi...

Asset Scope

Estimate the asset scope in cooperation with other financial organizations.