Joint Research Institution Data Analysis

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Pain Point

Data silos
The research institutions need to collect a large amount of basic data, which are all in their own internal systems.
Sensitive information protection
There may be sensitive information such as personal privacy data and regulatory data in the mass data, which cannot be direc...
Low collection efficiency
Due to the lack of interaction, a large number of data acquisition work is repeated, making it difficult to collect historic...

Solution in detail


A joint data analysis platform based on the MPC technique allows research institutions to perform secure multi-party computation without sending data out from local storage locations and receive sufficient information needed for research.

In the Collaborative Computation Platform:

JUGO-SDK should be implemented on servers of both sides

Each side can program needed computation methods in the furtta language in JUGO-IDE;

After one party chooses the computation method to be executed, both sides perform MPC computation after importing data for computation in JUGO-SDK.

One party or both can be appointed to receive the computational result, and the MPC is completed;

This platform meets the computational needs of research institutions without limitation of data outflow regulated by policy and reduces the difficulty and cost of data collection.

Applicable Scenarios

Biological Research

Molecular biology
Cell biology
Developmental biology

Body Condition Detection

Blood pressure