Equity Registration Solution

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Pain Point

Information synchronization is not timely
Relying on the Equity Registration of Bureau of Industry and Commerce can't synchronize the changes to equity ownership time...
Weak connection to maintain equity ownership
Frequent equity changes in an enterprise will make it more difficult to maintain the shareholder register, which is not cond...
The traditional way is not convenient
Paper material transfer and manual handling are not convenient

Solution in detail


Juzix used blockchain technology to establish an equity registration and inquiry platform, providing corporations and shareholders a reliable mode to register, modify, and trade equity. In addition, connections to State Administration for Industry and Commerce and information service institutions are supported, which makes registration and maintenance of off-site equity more efficient and credible. Concrete functional blocks include:

n  Equity Information Registration

If equity ownership information is registered and stored on the blockchain, node consensus of the technology can ensure data consistency among participating parties. The blockchain keeps complete information and modification records of equity ownership, which ensures that data is unmodifiable.

n  Shareholder List Maintenance

Corporates can register the shareholder list on blockchain; shareholders can receive information about the updates to the shareholder list in time and sign for confirmation, thereby ensuring consistency and validity of the list.

n  Equity Information Synchronization

The equity registration platform based on the blockchain can synchronize and confirm data with the industry and commerce and service institutions, realizing corporate traceability and auditability and creating trustworthy corporate information and files of modified ownership. 

Applicable Scenarios

Otc equity registration

Over-the-counter equity trusteeship, listing, trading, etc.

Equity management of start-up companies

Employee stock ownership, equity incentive, pre-allocation, etc.