Founded in 2014, Juzix is a world leading provider for next generation computational architecture services; it is dedicated to enhancing the power of data in the era of the Internet of Values by providing simple and efficient distributed data exchange and multi-party computation services.


Since its establishment, Juzix has been devoted to researching and exploring applications for cryptographic algorithms and next-generation computational architecture; as a result, the corporation now holds patents for many safety computation methods, computational architectures, and core cryptographic techniques. On the other hand, in cooperation with Wuhan University, Juzix founded the Scientific Computing Center, a place that assembles a group of experts in distributed computing and cryptography and has achieved fruitful results in applied research of parallel computing, secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proof, fully homomorphic encryption, and post-quantum cryptography.


There are currently more than 100 technology researchers and engineers in our development team and more than 20 people in our cryptographic algorithm and research team. We have already cooperated with several financial associations and governments to establish financial architecture and Internet security systems. We have also made development and applications for many famous companies in the country, and played a big role in setting the standards of many financial architecture and financial security. In the future, we will continue to proof in theory and in practice the high-efficiency block-chain and cryptography technology solutions in fields including finance, transportation, logistics, air, smart production, the Internet of things, and medication; and we will cooperate with institutions to build a safe, trustable public infrastructure for a fully digital world.


In 2016, Juzix was funded at 15 billion RMB in round A investment by Wanxiang Holdings and Fenbushi Capital. In 2017, in cooperation with WeBank and Wanxiang Block Chain Labs, Juzix introduced BCOS, the first open-source distributed ledger project in China. In January 2018, Juzix launched the blockchain open service platform JUICE. In June 2018, Juzix launched the secure multi-party computation (MPC) service JUGO. 









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