Brief Introduction

The JUICE Open Service Platform is a one-stop service platform released by Juzix. It provides users with services such as blockchain knowledge exchange, Case scenario trial, smart contract development, application development, and blockchain environment construction. The open service platform provides corporations and developers with simple and efficient blockchain cloud services. We are aiming at cultivating more great developers for the blockchain community, creating and incubating more feasible blockchain applications. Business users can quickly establish their own blockchain environment using the platform services.


A blockchain platform that is available independently

Smart Contract Development IDE

Smart Contract Deployment and Calling

Abundant blockchain learning materials and code examples are provided

Abundant application development SDK and secure algorithms are provided

Blockchain case introduction and trial


Smart contract supports VM, such as JVM, and can be developed in Java language

Provide secure cross-platform hardware solutions for private key management

Friendly Web-based Management and Supervision Tools

Privacy protection including group signatures, broadcast encryption, Homomorphic Encryption (HE), and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)

Abundant smart contract instruction, contract template and functional components are provided

Efficient and trustworthy packaged consensus mechanism PBFT、RAFT

Applicable Scenarios

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