Brief Introduction

The JUGO open service platform is a data processing factory and a market for algorithms and data services. The platform not only helps users to enrich data and turn it into cash while securing data, but also helps users to find data and services needed. The JUGO secure multi-party computation platform has the following two market-leading features:

1.     High Efficiency Universal Bilateral Computation Algorithm. JUGO integrates the latest Garbled Circuit and Oblivious Transfer Algorithms to achieve universal bilateral computation. JUGO packages different kinds of complicated cryptography algorithms into a simple, easy-to-use SDK. Even developers without backgrounds in cryptography can know how to use it in a short time. The computational speed of the method has reached a million gates per second.

2.     Frutta, Self-developed Circuit Compiler. JUGO integrates the circuit compiler developed by Juzix. Users and developers use the C-like high-class programming language Frutta to develop. The compiler will turn it into a Boolean circuit for use as a low-level algorithm. The Frutta compiler lowers the difficulty threshold for developers; it avoids the need to consider the circuit expression in applications and is specifically optimized for the performance of algorithmic execution. Frutta supports millions of gate circuits for compilation.


MPC case introduction and trial

Abundant application development SDK is provided

Abundant MPC learning materials and code examples are provided

MPC Application Deployment and Calling

Develop IDE for Computational Logic

A computation platform integrating MPC low-level algorithms


Data for computation is not collected, which protects data privacy

Supports semi-honest general bilateral algorithms GC+OT

IDE that supports Frutta programming, SDK for MPC algorithms, users adopt IDE and SDK to develop

A variety of algorithms such as addition and comparison are supported

Individual MPC trial is provided as a browser plugin

Universal multi-party algorithms and hardware speedup will be supported

Applicable Scenarios

    Governmental systems usually store large amounts of data on citizens and business operations. Many business needs to query data for business use, but government does not want data to be leaked or copied. On the other hand, in certain scenarios, businesses may not want governments to know the conditions of their queries. Applying secure multi-party computation technology, safe data inquiry can be achieved.

    In the operation of cross-organization collaboration and international business management, it is often necessary to obtain data from multiple sources, join them into full data, and then analyze it. Existing data analytics algorithms could lead to privacy exposure and data ownership transfer. Using multi-party computation (MPC), raw data can be computed without needing to be collected and shared, thereby protecting privacy and asset security of the data owner. 


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