Certification Tracking SDK

Brief Introduction

        The certificate middleware is in the form of Java SDK. It gives 3rd party applications the ability to upload data on the blockchain and verify data inquiries. To use the middleware, 3rd party applications only have to import related jar packages. Certificate middleware contains modules such as identity management, certification, and smart contracts. To use the certification function, the 3rd party application should first finish identity registration in identity management. Finally, the middleware uses web3j to call the corresponding smart contract in order to finish uploading data on the blockchain or the inquiry task


Certificate Holder Message Authentication

Endorsement Message Authentication

Data Endorsement Signatur

Certificate Information Inquiry

Data Uploading Certificate

User Information Registration and Creation


Security functions such as broadcast encryption are integrated, which means that data privacy is secured

Certificate information endorsement and verification mechanism increase the credibility of data

Fast integration, convenient to use. No need to understand blockchain or deploy Smart Contract

Applicable Scenarios

Electronic Contract Certification

Important System Message Certification

System Audit Message Certification

Anti-counterfeiting and Product Tracking

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