A new generation of
distributed computation solutions
Consensus , Collaboration , Value-adding

JUICE Blockchain System

Distributed ledger technology

  • PBFT consensus mechanism
  • Supporting broadcast encryption,
    zero-knowledge proof,
    homomorphic encryption
  • 800TPS

Cloud Platform

  • Supporting private cloud and
    hybrid cloud
  • Compatible with multiple
    public cloud platform
  • One-Click chain deployment

Monitoring System

  • Operational monitoring modules
  • Visual monitoring of overall chain status
  • Real-time monitoring of
    node status


  • Customized Dapp
  • Compatible Windows OS
  • Improve security

Hardware KEY

  • Hardware identity verification
  • Compatible with USB and bluetooth
  • Integrated with a variety of
    encryption algorithms

JUGO Collaborative Computation System

Matching Partners

  • Locating partners for collaborative computation once you submitted your request for data

Multi-Party Computation

  • Protecting privacy and ownership of data while facilitating multiparty data computation

Algorithm Compiler

  • Supporting customization of computation algorithms with automatic compilation, more user friendly